« Sac-O-geL » Flow solution

sacOgelThe « Sac-O-Gel » is made of a super absorbent polymer which is environmentally neutral. It can be disposed of as if it were sand and the bags are made of natural jute fibers which decompose in a matter of months.

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Available product on “3275OGEL

Maple Syrup filling systems


You are looking for a solution to your filling systems which is resistant, fast, safe, accurate and economic ? Our piston activated food grade filling machine is the solution for Hot or Cold liquids.

Available product on ZL-STANDUP

Weather poof polypropylene palette covers


Manufactured of breathable water proof materiel which is also UV resistant.

Ideal for outdoor storage or transporting construction materials, wood, metal, masonry, etc. Available in made to measure formats.

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Available product on 6895-34